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Territory Band 2 - Atlas

Territory Band 2 - Atlas

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Label: okkadisk 12050 | Condition: New | Description:


Ken Vandermark — reeds

Jim Baker — piano

Jeb Bishop — trombone

Axel Dörner — trumpets

Kevin Drumm — electronics

Per-Åke Holmlander — tuba

Kent Kessler — bass

Fredrik Ljungkvist — reeds

Fred Lonberg-Holm — cello

Paul Lytton — drums

Tim Mulvenna — percussion

Dave Rempis — saxophones

Cover and Artwork

Photos: Angeline Evans
Design: Louise Molnar


1. Add and Subtract [for Jean-Michel Basquiat] (13:01)
2. Neiger [for Michael Snow] (16:32)
3. Catalog [for Fred Lonberg-Holm] (12:13)
4. Now [for Samuel Beckett] (18:21)
Total Time: 60:11
All compositions by Ken Vandermark (ASCAP)

Recording Info

Produced by: Ken Vandermark
Executive producer: Bruno Johnson
Recorded: at Airwave Recording Studios, Chicago on February 15 & 16, 2001
Engineered by: John McCortney
Mixed by: John McCortney and Ken Vandermark with extensive assistance from Kevin Drumm and Fred Lonberg-Holm
Thanks to the MacArthur Foundation.

...Vandermark fully exploits such disparate personalities; the band thrives on variety. Every few seconds, it seemed, a new combination of players came to the fore, then receded into the background, as another took its place, or some disarmingly pretty little melody rose above the fray. The risk with such episodic music is, the episodes are almost inevitably of uneven quality. Sometimes the short written horn fanfares made more of an impression than the improvisations they punctuated. Dörner, a very capable trumpet player, is rather too fond of blowing air through his horn without sounding a note. It’s become a schtick.

Overall, Vandermark’s diverse gambits feel not like nervous hopping from one style to another, in the manner of 1980s postmodernism, but a gloriously expansive ensemble vocabulary. His one misstep is to let most pieces run on too long, covering too much territory, when one climax would be enough. But he learns by doing. Expect TB3 to be better yet.

— Kevin Whitehead, Chicago Sun-Times

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