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Seeds fever is a-brewin' round the Orbit bunker.

We are eagerly awaiting the release this year of Pushin' Too Hard, A documentary film about The Seeds has been prepared by GNP Crescendo Records President Neil Norman (and Orbit Pal!), the son of the label's founder Gene Norman. Filming began in 2007, and draws on first-hand knowledge of the band, interviews and concert footage. The film titled Pushin' Too Hard, directed by Norman and produced by Alec Palao, is scheduled for theatrical and DVD release in 2014.

In anticipation of the upcoming Seeds fever that will sweep your hamlet,  you are in the right place to stock up on Seeds vinyl, CDs and 45s!

Check out the New Vinyl Pressings of The Seeds GNP 2023, A Web of Sound GNP 2033 and Fallin' off the Edge GNP 2107. We also feature The Seeds & Web of Sound in new Expanded CD format with loads of extras!! Also on CD, and ready to blow your mind is the rare Raw & Alive The Seeds in Concert at Merlin's Music Box GNP 2043.

A great Seeds extra is the new shiny 45 rpm pressing of the Garage Rock Anthem Pushin' Too Hard b/w Try to Understand GNP 372

Pick up on it!!

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