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Our preferred shipment provider is the US Post Office. Using Media Mail is cheap, but since it is 4th class, that's how it occasionally gets treated...as 4th class. Most of our boxes arrive at their destination in 2-4 days, but occasionally the PO "loses" boxes and they can take up to 3 weeks to arrive. If you really need your item by a specific date, we recommend paying the extra for priority. (but even priority has had its problems in the past - Christmas season 2020 was a nightmare for EVERYONE). You can also request UPS. They don't have any cheap rate that compares to Media Mail, but they are probably more reliable than the Post Office. 


Please choose the correct ship to location for where you are located. If the correct country option is not chosen, we will not ship your package until the proper postage is paid. We work on the honor system...thank you in advance for your honesty. 

USPS shipping prices have GONE UP! Especially overseas.

Be sure to look at the new shipping rates before purchasing! 

US Shipping; 

We will ship anything, any quantity in the US for just $4. That's LPs, 45s, 78s, books, posters, DVDs, CDs, magazines, etc...ANYTHING, any amount, any combination, you find on Orbitrecords.com will ship to you, no matter where you are in the United States, for just $4!



Our shipping is based entirely on weight. We've done our best to list the proper weight of each item on the item page. We can often fit 2 thin LPs into one box for under 2 lbs. 2 Thick LPs will most likely be over 2 lbs. Believe the weight chart and let us know if there is an issue. Below is a basic idea of what it might  cost for shipping worldwide. Please ask if you find a discrepancy. 

Worldwide – via First Class International - $26.00 for the 1st LP, add $5.00 for each additional Lp
Canada & Mexico – First Class International - $21.00 for 1st LP - add $3.00 for each additional Lp

45s / CDs / DVDs

Worldwide  - via First Class International - $16.00 for the first item (up to 8oz) - then it's up to $27 for 9oz to 2 lbs. You might be able to get 4-6 45s in a box for under 2 lbs, depending on the disc. 
Canada – via First Class International - $14.00 for the first item (up to 8oz) - then $21 for 9oz to 2 lbs 


Worldwide - via First Class International - $28.00 for the 1st item, and $10 for each additional 78. 
Canada - First Class International - $21 for the 1st item, and $4 for each additional 78. 

Overseas via First Class International - $25.00 for up to 3, add $2.00 for each additional.
Canada via First Class International - $21.00 for first 3 – add $2.00 for each additional


same as LPs, or by weight. Obviously, hard covers weigh more than paperbacks, so adjustments may 
need to be made.  

Magazines and cards

same as 45s / CDs / DVDs

Overseas customers - Remember that once you get to 4lbs, shipping goes way up, as we must use Priority Mail International rather than First Class International. When inquiring about multiple items, and are unsure of the cost, please ask first or expect an adjustment on your paid shipping cost. That goes for over-payment, too, as we will refund anyone who pays too much.  
If you need your purchase expedited, we are happy to accommodate. Please ask our staff at orders@orbitrecords.com, or Facebook message us at Orbit Records. 

If you choose items from multiple categories, we will combine them and do our best to find you the best rate.

Return Policy

Defective items are returnable within 7 days for a full refund. Buyer will be responsible for return postage.
We try to grade conservatively and to always be upfront about items on our websites. Please feel free to ask questions – preferably before placing an order.
In the unlikely event of a missing or damaged package, we will do our best to come up with an amicable solution.
We have 10 years of satisfied eBay customers, as our 99% feedback and power seller status will attest. See:http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=orbitrecords1900&ftab=AllFeedback
We want you to be satisfied - You are safe with us.


NEW VINYL: As a result of the vinyl revolution of the past few years, these are new factory pressings. The Lps are sealed and unplayed. In many cases, the reissues are better pressings than the originals.

SEALED: Sealed store stock, still in shrink wrap, never opened, never played.

(NM) NEAR MINT: Looks new, possibly un-played.

(VG+) VERY GOOD PLUS: Shows a few light surface marks, nothing that would affect play.

(VG) VERY GOOD: Shows light scuffs, used but not abused. There will be light surface noise in areas and/or occasional pops or clicks.

(VG-) VERY GOOD MINUS: Shows surface marks that can be felt, plays with clicks and pops.

(G) GOOD: Playable but very used, lots of background noise. Buyer should view a record like this as a filler until a better copy comes along.

SOL = Sticker on Label
WOL = Writing on Label
WOJ = writing on jacket
COM = cut out marking
PRO = marked as promo

Most vinyl listings will have one or two grades. First is always for the vinyl, second for the jacket. If there is one grade (example: 45) the one grade is for both sides. If one side has more marks than the other it will be noted in the listing.