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All The Great Records are in Toledo


Recently we took a day trip to Toledo from our base in Chicago to buy a gentleman's record collection sight unseen.  This trip was a bit of a risk, but we had a good feeling about it so we hitched up the Uhaul and headed east.

It turned out to be quite good. About 4000 Lps and 4000+ 45s. The Lps were your standard fare, classic rock and real country. The 45s were the real prize. The load was amazing and I just have to shine a light on some titles we got in . This is the most wonderfully odd collection of 45s we have had. It truly is a little of everything and as a bonus many are multiple copies. Starting with Motown, sweet picture sleeves from the Four Tops and The Supremes. Multiple Neil Young and Dylan titles on 45 with Picture Sleeves. For those fans of The Bakersfield Sound we have possibly every Buck Owens 45 with Picture Sleeves. Many late 70s and early 80s Punk and New Wave titles on 45, most all with picture sleeves. Artists such as The Buzzcocks, Patti Smith, The Motors, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, The Saints, Joe Jackson, The Dickies, The Smiths, Ramones Promo 45s with Picture Sleeves!! Also seldom-seens from Zappa, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Queen, Run DMC, Fat Boys, Orbison, Disney, Tomita and Madonna to Metallica. To top it all off we have Tony Basil performing 'Mickey' in Espanol!! Line forms on the right.

If 45s are your passion keep an eye on orbitrecords.com and our Ebay store over the next few weeks. There is something for everyone.

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