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Lou Reed - Set the Twilight Reeling - LTD RSD 3 sided 2 LP set

Lou Reed - Set the Twilight Reeling - LTD RSD 3 sided 2 LP set

$ 34.99

Artist: Lou Reed |  Label: Rhino / Warner  |  Format: 2xLP   |  Genre: Rock | LP condition: Mint | Jacket condition: Sealed
Lou Reed 
Set the Twilight Reeling 
Rhino / Warner Brothers - Limited Record Store Day release - 3 sided 2 LP set - 4th side with exclusive etching! 
After contemplating the decline of New York City, the passing of his mentor Andy Warhol, his place in (perhaps) the greatest American rock band of all time, and the very nature of life and death, in 1996 Lou Reed finally began to consider a really important subject -- where to get a good chocolate egg cream. "Egg Cream" kicked off Set the Twilight Reeling,   again, but much of the rest of the album turned out not to be as lightweight as the opener would have led you to expect. On Set the Twilight Reeling, Reed is preoccupied with relationships, as he tries to figure if he wants a long-term commitment ("Trade In"), if he's better off as a lone wolf ("NYC Man"), if he's in love ("The Proposition"), or if he just wants to fool around ("Hookywooky"). Reed rocks a lot harder here than on the two albums that preceded it (and plays plenty of great crunchy guitar), but much of the album is set in a mellow mid-tempo groove that's casual and comfortable but not especially compelling. And while "Sex With Your Parents (Motherfucker), Pt. II" is an amusing attack on conservative politicians, his logic isn't exactly clear. Longtime fans are no doubt grateful that Reed's relatively unfocused and unsubstantial albums these days are such a vast improvement over his fallow period in the 1970s. Guest appearance by his future wife and fellow artist, Laurie Anderson. 
Appearing on vinyl for the first time in 20 years! Printed in Germany 

     Side 1
Egg Cream 
NYC Man 
Finish Line 
Trade In 
     Side 2
Hang On To Your Emotions 
Sex With Your Parents Part II
Honky Wooky 
The Proposition
     Side 3
Set the Twilight Reeling 
     Side 4
contains no music - but an exclusive etching - do not attempt to play! 


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