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Joe McPhee w/ DKV Trio - Deep Telling

Joe McPhee w/ DKV Trio - Deep Telling

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Label: okkadisk 12027|Condition: New | Description:


Hamid Drake — drums

Kent Kessler — bass

Ken Vandermark — tenor sax

Joe Morris — guitar

Cover and Artwork

graphic design: L.E. Molnar
photography: Rebecca Gleason


1. “Standing Here” (12:15)

2. “Bit Tenet” duo #1 (Kessler/Morris) (4:20)

3. “Hollow Curve” trio #1 (Drake/Kessler/Morris) (5:59)

4. “Narrative” (7:33)

5. “Infix” duo #2 (Kessler/Morris) (3:27)

6. “Breathe Easily” trio #2 (Drake/Vandermark/Morris) (4:47)

7. “To and From the Core” trio #3 (Kessler/Vandermark/Morris) (3:17)

8. “Telling” suite (18:35)

Recording Info

recorded at:
Chicago, IL
April 30, 1998

recorded by: Brendan Burke
mixed by: Brendan Burke, Ken Vandermark, & Kent Kessler
produced by: Ken Vandermark & Joe Morris
executive producer: Bruno Johnson

It’s only a matter of time before Joe Morris and the DKV Trio break through to a larger audience. Both the DKV (Hamid Drake, drums; Kent Kessler, bass; Ken Vandermark, tenor saxophone) Trio and Morris have all the ability to merit such, and the fact that they are not is why there is no justice in the world. Deep Telling is a mixed bag of various trio settings, duos, and quartet improvisations. The album opens with a lengthy "Standing Here," a dense, yet rather accessible interchange between the Trio plus one. Morris’s angular guitar sits well with Vandermark’s arrestingly jagged saxophone lines. "Bit Tenet" and "Infix" mark two maverick duets of bass and guitar. Kessler and Morris are rejoined by Vandermark for a far more subdued "Narrative," perhaps the most interesting of the eight selections. A usually razor-sharp Vandermark is tested and comes up roses, deliberate in his remarks and relaxed in his pace. "To and From the Core" is a guitar/bass/sax trio that features Vandermark at energy levels comparable to Peter Brötzmann’s invigorating FMP recordings. Perhaps remaining unsung and underground isn’t a bad thing for Morris and the DKV Trio. After all, that leaves more for me.


— Fred Jung, Editor, Jazz Weekly


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