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Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick 180g LP booklet & DLC

Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick 180g LP booklet & DLC

$ 24.99

Artist: Jethro Tull  |  Label: Chrysalis |  Format: LP  |  Genre: Rock | Album Condition: New  |  Cover Condition: Sealed

This is the special limited edition release of THICK AS A BRICK - 25TH ANNIVERSARY Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson (vocals, flute, guitar, violin, saxophone, trumpet); Martin Barre (guitar, lute); John Evan (organ, piano, harpsichord); Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond (bass); Barriemore Barlow (tympani, percussion).Recorded at Morgan Studios, London, England.All tracks have been digitally remastered.While never as high-minded or technically facile as the likes of Yes or ELP, Tull began incorporating complex time changes, sophisticated harmonic structures and highly developed lyrical themes on THICK AS A BRICK, the realization of the artistic growth begun on AQUALUNG. It's here that Tull finally bursts into full-blown prog-rock mode. While AQUALUNG was a group of discrete compositions united by a theme, THICK AS A BRICK consists of one extended piece that occupies the length of the album. Lyrically, Anderson's intentions are a bit more obscure here, but the sophisticated arrangements and virtuosic performances are enough to carry the show. John Evan's piano and organ are at the heart of this complex piece, which moves through an endless succession of tempos, moods and modes in a manner similar to vintage Genesis or the aforementioned Yes, but with a grittier edge. Most importantly, the whole things flows in a cohesive manner. THICK AS A BRICK demands close attention, but rewards the same handsomely.

Their 5th studio album from 1972
Contains the 2016 Remastered version by Steven Wilson
contains a 24 page booklet.
It is SEALED. 
Classic Concept album is broken down as; 

Thick as a Brick pt 1
Thick as a Brick pt 2

Sealed Re-issue, faithful reproduction on 180g vinyl! 

Brand New SEALED / NEW 180g LP from Chrysalis, includes download code

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