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Jeb Bishop Trio - 2009

Jeb Bishop Trio - 2009

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Label: Better Animal 1 | Condition: New | Description:

Musicians   Jeb Bishop tbn
                   Jason Boebke  bs
                   Frank Rosaly drms

Songs     900
               Jacket Weather 
              #3 (Cleo) 
              11 AM Verti Marte 
              Full English  
              The Elliptical Blues
              Before and After
              The Lateness of the Hour
              Round Two

Recorded april 26 & 27, 2009 at Strobe Recording, Chicago

All compositions by Jeb Bishop
Photographs by Jaki Cellini

Peter Margasak wrote in the Chicago Reader: "For more than a decade Jeb Bishop has been one of the top instrumentalists in the city, and lately I've become convinced he's one of best trombonists in all of jazz. He's an incredibly thoughtful and focused musician, which helps explain why almost ten years went by between his previous album as a bandleader—with bassist Kent Kessler, drummer Tim Mulvenna, and sometimes guitarist Jeff Parker—and the stunning new 2009 (Better Animal), where he's joined by bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Frank Rosaly. In his liner notes he ascribes the gap to "re-examination of my own playing and the demands I placed on myself; evolution in the musical chemistry of the previous version of the trio; and a realization that it's okay to take your time before making a statement." And 2009 is one hell of a statement. His current trio is both sleeker and more agile than its beefier predecessor, and attacks Bishop's sanguine and well-proportioned compositions with a crisp athletic drive, pulling each one apart without losing the thread. Roebke and Rosaly enable Bishop to express his full range—from ebullient, fat-toned tailgate funk to multiphonic mute-aided dissections of the trombone's sound—and he consistently improvises with a rigorous compositional sensibility, so that even his most abstract excursions tell a story. Bishop isn't nearly as well-known outside the city as he should be, no doubt because he's been so stingy with his own music, but 2009 is the kind of recording that can fix a problem like that in a heartbeat."

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