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Evan Parker - Chicago Solo

Evan Parker - Chicago Solo

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Label: okkadisk 12017 | Condition: New | Description:


Evan Parker — tenor saxophone

Cover and Artwork

Cover art: Ben Portis
Graphic design: Louise Molnar


1. Chicago Solo [12] (1:44) (MPEG2)
2. Chicago Solo [3] (4:40)
3. Chicago Solo [4] for Chris McGregor (3:18)
4. Chicago Solo [5] (6:56)
5. Chicago Solo [6] (3:20)
6. Chicago Solo [7] (5:13)
7. Chicago Solo [8] for Lee Konitz (2:57)
8. Chicago Solo [9] (2:15)
9. Chicago Solo [10] (4:46)
10. Chicago Solo [11] for Mr. Braxton (1:44)
11. Chicago Solo [13] (4:04)
12. Chicago Solo [14] (5:26)
13. Chicago Solo [15] (4:23)
14. Chicago Solo [16] for George Lewis (8:34)
total time: 59:24

All compositions by Evan Parker (PRS/MCPS/PAMIRA)

Recording Info

Recorded at Airwave Studios, Chicago, IL, November 18, 1995

Produced by: Evan Parker & John Corbett
Executive Producer: Bruno Johnson
Engineer: John McCortney

Remarkably, after eight discs of solo soprano saxophone, this is the first time Parker has committed himself to a full programme of tenor playing. The results are, as one would expect by this juncture, extraordinary, music of intense focus and a fearsome weight and intensity of tone. Four of the tracks are dedications to musicians Parker has worked with or been associated with over the years — Chris McGregor, Lee Konitz, trombonist George Lewis and “Mr” Braxton. No evident thematic connection to any of them, though the tiny Braxton tribute includes elements that are reminiscent of the American. Probably redundant at this point in time to start taxonimizing the differences between Parker’s soprano and tenor work. The range of overtones is perhaps more restricted, the line more direct, the pace and delivery of ideas more measured. No mistaking, though, the integrity of the performances or the identity of the performer.

— Richard Cook & Brian Morton, The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD, fifth edition

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