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CAN - Monster Movie on Limited Colored vinyl w/ DLC

CAN - Monster Movie on Limited Colored vinyl w/ DLC

$ 30.99

Artist: Can | Label: Mute | Format: LP | Genre: Rock | Album Condition: Mint | Cover Condition: Sealed

Can (seen on their debut as "THE CAN")
Monster Movie
Mute / Spoon 4 - re-issue on Limited "Monster Sky" vinyl including download code 
MONSTER MOVIE is the only Can album to feature original vocalist Malcolm Mooney. He sounds great on the deliciously trippy "Mary, Mary So Contrary" and on the unhinged "Outside My Door" (without which there could have been no Fall, no Pavement, no Butthole Surfers, no Girls Against Boys, etc). The staggering, 20-minute "Yoo Doo Right" leaves him hoarse, but he weathers the jaw-dropping instrumental turns and twists of this simmering acid-blues behemoth like a true juggernaut. Mooney left soon after (returning for 1988's RITE TIME), but Can had hit the ground running, its remarkable chemistry primed for the wildcard spark that was the vocal freestyling and manic, volcanic energy of Mooney's replacement, the inimitable Kenji "Damo" Suzuki.
ss); Jaki Liebezeit (drums). Can were one of the most influential bands to emerge from Europe in the 70s, and this 1972 masterpiece marked a crucial stage in the development from the edgy experimentalism of their earlier albums to the softer ambience of their later work. 'Soup' and 'Pinch' were reminders of their wilder excesses, but on tracks such as 'One More Night' and 'Sing Swan Song' they demonstrated that they could be equally inventive within tighter song structures. 'I'm So Green' and 'Spoon' were almost conventional pop songs, to the extent that the latter provided the band with an unexpected chart-topper in their native Germany.
“Monster Movie is an amazing debut” Pitchfork
“Monster Movie, sounds like nothing else released in 1969 - and still acts as a template for the future” Sound Affects
“Had Can’s debut album, Monster Movie, been their only one, it would have assured their place in the history of German music and of rock as a whole” Shindig Magazine


1. Father Cannot Yell
2. Mary, Mary So Contrary
3. Outside My Door
4. Yoo Doo Right

NEW SEALED LP - re-issue on super limited "Monster Sky" vinyl and includes a download code. 

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