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Sandy Salisbury - Mellow As Sunshine

Sandy Salisbury - Mellow As Sunshine

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Artist: Sandy Salisbury | Format: LP | Label: Sundazed | Genre: Rock | Album Condition: New | Cover Condition: Sealed

Sandy Salisbury 

Mellow As Sunshine
Sundazed 5669 - newly discovered tracks on LP - in MONO!

Direct from Sandy’s tape archive, these DIY bedroom demos feature his layered harmonies, harpsichord and guitar - all recorded during his time with the Millennium. Though unreleased and hidden away at the time they were recorded, these demos finally get their due. Includes new liner notes & photos! 
Sandy seemed to be in the eye of the kaleidoscopic tornado that was swirling and twirling around L.A. … so why didn’t these songs surface all those years ago? It certainly wasn’t for lack of talent, nor was it disinterest. In fact, it was quite the opposite. While in the Millennium, Sandy continued to write and record his own songs. After signing a publishing deal with Four Star Music, his new publisher did place a few of his songs - “Rag Doll Boy,” recorded by Thee Prophets and The Naked Truth; Terry Black recorded a version of “Wishing Star,” and “These Are The Children” and “Goodbye Yesterday” made an appearance on Tommy Roe’s sixth album, Phantasy.
But for all of the songs he composed and recorded on his reel-to-reel tape machine in his small, Sunset Strip apartment, it seemed as if Four Star Music wasn’t truly interested in promoting his songs. But in truth, it was an under-the-table handshake between Curt Boettcher and Four Star Music that squashed all hope of other artists hearing and recording Sandy’s songs.
The songs on this album are a few of many compositions Sandy wrote and recorded between 1966 and 1968. With only one or two exceptions, every instrument, lead vocal and layered harmony is his, and as you will hear, it’s really no wonder that Curt had them hidden away. Taken from the original reel-to-reel tapes, dive into Sandy Salisbury’s sparkling world of sunshine pop.

Lot of Love in Me 
Do I Miss You 
Silent, Lonely Night 
Six O'Clock 
Once I Knew a Little Dog 
Holly in the Summertime 
The Sun Always Shines on Suzanna 
Butter Me Over (With Cinnamon Sugar) 
Everyone Should Be in Love 
Just One More Time 
Keeping Up with You (Is Keeping Me Down) 


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