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John's Children- There's an Eye in the Sky - on WHITE vinyl

John's Children- There's an Eye in the Sky - on WHITE vinyl

$ 29.99

Artist: John's Children  |  Label: Easy Action  |  Format: LP  |  Genre: Rock | Condition: New  |  Cover Condition: Sealed

John's Children
There's an Eye in the Sky
Easy Action 45067 - on Limited WHITE vinyl
This pop art combo were known for their outrageous live concert performances and were ‘removed’ from a tour with The Who in Germany in 1967 when they ‘out-Who’d The Who’. John's Children were out and about being a nuisance for less than two years but in that time, they released six singles and one album, but predictably none troubled the charts. It wasn’t until decades later that they were acknowledged for the impact they had on the music scene by some of the more ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ types and those failed to chart singles are now worth a considerable number English pounds to serious collectors.
*Limited Pressing 750 copies on White Vinyl with flip back sleeve
*All tracks remastered in 2020 for vinyl.
*Features many tracks with a young Marc Bolan on Guitar & Vocals 
*Lead Singer Andy Ellison will be issuing his Autobiography in 2021 and this release is part of a series of records to tie in with this book.

Track Listing
The Love I Thought I'd Found 
Strange Affair
Just What You Want - Just What You'll Get 
But She's Mine 
Remember Thomas A Becket 
Midsummer Night's Scene 
Sara, Crazy Child 
Come and Play with Me in the Garden 
Go-Go Girl
Jagged Time Lapse 
Mustang Ford 
Not the Sort of Girl You Take to Bed 
Sally Was an Angel 
Hippy Gumbo 
Midsummer NIght's Scene 

NEW SEALED LP on limited edition WHITE vinyl

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