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Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra - Lighting Dreamers

Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra - Lighting Dreamers

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Artist: Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra |  Label: International Anthem  |  Format: LP  |  Genre: Jazz | Album Condition: New  |  Cover Condition: Sealed

Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly 
Alien Flower Sutra
International Anthem 00065

Titanic electric waves of strata-sonic evocation elucidate a specter of aquatic immersion inside intersecting rivers of divine truth & cosmic mystery. 

Lightning Dreamers is new work by composer, trumpeter, post-rock and avant-jazz legend Rob Mazurek (Isotope 217, Chicago Underground) , who wrote the music for a compacted version of his long-running Exploding Star Orchestra. The album is dedicated to the late artist jaimie branch (who was a protégé of Mazurek’s), and features guitarist Jeff Parker, vocalist Damon Locks, drummer Gerald Cleaver, and pianists Angelica Sanchez and Craig Taborn, among others. It was recorded mostly at the remote Sonic Ranch studios in West Texas, not far from Mazurek’s current home in Marfa , with mixing and post-production at IARC studios in Chicago. The album is a follow-up to Mazurek and ESO’s widely-acclaimed release Dimensional Stardust, which charted an 8.0 in Pitchfork and #5 in The New York Times’ Best Jazz Albums of 2020.  


Future Shaman 
Dream Sleeper 
Shape Shifter 
Black River 
White River 


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