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Anthony Braxton - Three Compositions of New Jazz

Anthony Braxton - Three Compositions of New Jazz

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Artist: Anthony Braxton | Label: Delmark 415 | Format: CD Genre: Jazz | CD Condition: New | Jewel Box Condition: Sealed

Anthony Braxton 

Delmark 415

Three Compositions of New Jazz features like-minded Chicago musicians from the AACM, including Leroy Jenkins, Leo Smith, & Muhal Richard Abrams. 
Anthony Braxton’s debut LP introduced an unconventional, often controversial new talent whose career – spanning decades and still going, without nearly enough attention, today – has been one of the most fascinating in jazz. At the time this was recorded, Braxton was just under 23 years old, an affiliate of the Chicago-based Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), which had been active (but barely documented on record) since 1965. The boldly titled 3 Compositions of New Jazz was among the first statements of the group, preceded by AACM co-founder Muhal Richard Abrams’ Levels and Degrees of Light (on which Braxton made his first recorded appearance; his own debut was his second) and some of the albums that would lead to the formation of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, with records by Roscoe Mitchell and Joseph Jarman featuring the extended AACM family.

3 Compositions resonated with the aesthetic being forged on these late ’60s albums. This was a radical new sound in free jazz, paring back the unrelenting energy and frenzied blowing sessions that had become de rigueur in favor of space, extreme dynamics, humor, and versatility in both instrumentation and style. Ironically, given the chilly reception with which this scene was greeted at the time, Braxton’s late ’60s/early ’70s work made in the orbit of the AACM was one of the last times in his career that the iconoclast composer would actually fit comfortably into any larger tradition or collective.

     Tracks are; 
those indecipherable Braxton diagrams.
1 on side 1 and 2 on side 2. 
Composition 6e
Composition 6d
The Bell


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