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Sun Ra - Exotica Limited Edition 3 LP set

Sun Ra - Exotica Limited Edition 3 LP set

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Sun Ra  |  Label: Modern Harmonic |  Format: 3xLP   |  Genre: Jazz | LP condition: Mint | Jacket condition: Sealed

Sensuous dreamscapes to transport the listener to the lush tropical environs of the outer reaches of the omniverse. Your choice of three colorful inter-stellar saucers or two compact saucers of “Exotic-Ra” bringing you to a lush cocktail party where space is the place. All packaged in a beautiful Chesley Bonestell adorned gatefold package with two sets of extensive notes! Sun Ra. Exotica. Incongruous? Listening to the 25 tracks herein will showcase that Sun Ra was, indeed, an Exoticat of sorts, albeit in his own unique way, of course. That Sun Ra hasn’t been celebrated in Exotica circles is understandable. Though many collectors are fans of both, at cocktail soirées Ra has never seemed to make the cut. This album aims to change that! While Sun Ra never made an “Exotica record,” such tracks are mixed in his LPs alongside idiosyncratic space jazz, post-bop, electronic freakouts, and his other sonic experiments. Never an easy categorical fit, anyone who says “File Under: Jazz” doesn’t understand the stylistic breadth of Sun Ra’s recorded legacy. It’s a rhapsodic pandemonium of Afro-centric rhythms, Latin beats, ostinato grooves, and unissued tunes!

Third Man Pressing in a sturdy high gloss package with an unearthed Ra photo and a stunning cover by the “father of modern space art!” Includes two sets extensive liners written by Irwin Chusid and Brother Cleve (of Combustible Edison)! 3-LP of Irwin Chusid currated Ra for the cocktail-jetpack–jetset!

Kingdom of Thunder 
Space Mates 
Star Bright 
The Nile Part 1
Tiny Pyramids 
The Lady with the Golden Stockings
New Horizons 
Portrait of the Living Sky
Ancient Aiethopia 
Planet Earth 
April in Paris 
Island in the Sun Africa 
Friendly Galaxy
Interstellar Low Ways
The Conversion of J.P. 
Cha-Cha in Outer Space 
Brazilian Sun 
Lights on a Satellite 
Somewhere i Space 
Spontaneous Simplicity 
Overtones of China 


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