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Steppenwolf - self-titled debut - MONO on super limited Colored Vinyl

Steppenwolf - self-titled debut - MONO on super limited Colored Vinyl

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Artist: Steppenwolf  |  Label: Sundazed 5558 |  Format: LP  |  Genre: Rock | Vinyl Condition: Mint | Jacket Condition: Sealed
Sundazed 5558 rare MONO mix on super limited colored vinyl! 
Heavy Metal Thunder! You couldn’t go anywhere in the blazing summer of ’68 without hearing ‘Born To Be Wild’ blaring, and its inclusion in the iconic Easy Rider the following year cemented it as rallying cry for bikers and countless other counterculture miscreants. On their debut album, Steppenwolf (fronted by John Kay’s menacing rasp) reach new levels of deafening heaviness, ripping through a set of originals and attitude-filled covers, simultaneously forging a name for the sounds of an emerging genre. Pressed at RTI on clear vinyl and packaged in an elaborate foil jacket, this is the first ever reissue of the highly-coveted mono version of the album. Below are the songs and how they differ from the more common mixes. 
Side A:
A1 Sookie Sookie
mix is close to the LP... more defined in the high end
A2 Everybody's Next One
unaccompanied piano intro is louder, vocal is slightly louder 
A3 Berry Rides Again
punchier and brighter... guitar and vocal are slightly louder
A4 Hootchie Kootchie Man
BOTH GUITARS ARE MUCH DRYER, the lead guitar is louder.
A5 Born To Be Wild
AT 2:08 coming out of the gtr/organ break, THERE IS A FLANGER ON THE SNARE HIT--this is not on the mono LP or on my Dunhill stereo LP...very cool! Sound is much clearer--all the parts come through with more definition and sound more natural
A6 Your Wall's Too High
BOTH GUITARS ARE MUCH DRYER and the piano is much lower 

Side B:

B1 Desperation
vocal is slightly wetter and slightly warmer
B2 The Pusher
sounds much clearer--all the parts come through with much more definition and sound more natural
B3 A Girl I Knew
THE LEAD VOCAL IS DOUBLED IN THE VERSES...this is not on the mono LP or on my stereo LP. the vocals in the intro and choruses do match.
The 2 vocals sound like they flange a bit at 1:00-1:01...maybe this is evidence that they used tape delay rather than a vocal overdub--I'm not 100% sure. (Obviously, I can't say for sure that this doubled vocal doesn't exist on any other pressing but it's not on the versions I have access to.
B4 Take What You Need
piano is louder, vocal and guitars are crisper and much clearer
B5 The Ostrich 
IS MISSING A DISTORTED GTR IN THE INTRO. After the intro, the guitar parts match but this is MUCH louder than on the mono LP. THE CACOPHONOUS OUTRO SECTION STARTING AROUND 5:00 IS MIXED DIFFERENTLY...rhythm section fades out later, so we hear ~2 seconds more of it, and the guitars are balanced differently.

Sookie Sookie
Everybody's Next One
Berry Rides Again
Hootchie Kootchie Man
Born To Be Wild
Your Wall's Too High
The Pusher
A Girl I Knew
Take What You Need
The Ostrich

Mono mix on high quality colored vinyl! 
already OUT OF PRINT

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