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Pink Floyd - The Space Rock Era  on limited GOLD vinyl w/ bonus magazone

Pink Floyd - The Space Rock Era on limited GOLD vinyl w/ bonus magazone

$ 26.99

Artist: Pink Floyd |  Label: Coda | Format: LP |  Genre: Rock | Album Condition: New |  Cover Condition: Sealed

Pink Floyd
The Space Rock Era 
Limited Edition import LP on Gold Vinyl w/ free Rock Icons magazine & interactive e-book; Pink Floyd  - Reflections & Echoes

The early radio and TV broadcasts by Pink Floyd featured tracks such as Astronomy Domine, Interstellar Overdrive and Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Album tracks such as Cirrus Minor and the wonderful image on Ummagumma featuring the band's equipment laid out to form the image of a spaceship helped underline what was considered to be a spade rock theme. Although Roger Waters denied that Pink Floyd were ever a space rock band, the first three Pink Floyd albums are popularly known as the Space Rock Era. This anthology features the live to air broadcasts featuring Pink Floyd from 1967-1968. The TV technicians clearly struggled to get the best results with rock groups and David Gilmours's soft vocals were ferquently too low in the mix, but this in nonetheless the authentic record of the vintage sound of Pink Floyd as transmitted to the world across the airwaves. 

Track Listing:

Side 1
1. Astronomy Domine. Rome May 1968
2. Let There Be More Light. Bouton Rouge Paris Dec 1968
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. Bouton Rouge 24th Feb 1968
4. Flaming Bouton Rouge Feb 1968

Side 2
1. Astronomy Domine. BBC Jan 1967
2. Pow R. Toc H BBC Jan 1967
3. Interstellar Overdrive The UFO Club 1967
4. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Rome May 1968
5. Let There Be More Light. Bouton Roughe Feb 1968

SEALED NEW ALBUM on limited edition GOLD vinyl - includes free physical magazine - Music Legends AND an interactive e-book

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